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  Where can I find the exact address and directions to the accommodation?
  The directions are in two sections. First from the airport to the residential area. And secondly, from the entrance of the residential area to your rental property.
  • The directions from the airport FORT MYERS to the RESIDENTIAL AREA (e.g., Winterpark) can be found on the page of the RESIDENTIAL AREA under the name "Ft. Myers Airport" in the upper menu bar.
  • If you are coming from the airport MIAMI please take the same exit from Interstate 75, as it is in the description of Fort Myers. In doubt, the exit 101 is always the right one.
  • Directions from the beginning or entrance of the RESIDENTIAL AREA to your APARTMENT, you'll find on the side of the APARTMENT .
  • From the residential area FALLING WATERS there is a very good map, on which you'll find the house and apartment numbers.
  • Regarding the residential area WINTERPARK the location of each apartment is indicated on the map. Note that the WINTERPARK has three entrances from the DAVIS BLVD.
  • In the rental agreement (at the top you'll find the name of the landlord / owner) you see the exact address of the rental property. If you click here Mapblast and enter the address with its data elements
    Street number (1 space) Street name, town, state (FL), postal code
    separated by commas in the END tag and enter the three letters RSW (Fort Myers Airport) at START you will get marked exactly where your apartment or villa is located. You can then zoom this map or "move" it in all directions.