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  Free PARKING in front of your rental unit!

You can park directly in front of our rental property. The nearest parking lot is marked with the street number and is reserved for you as a tenant. There is ample parking for your visitors.


Free PARKING is a matter of course throughout the city.
There are the following exceptions:

  • Parking spaces marked as "Handicapped". There, only vehicles can be parked which have a Handicap sticker.
  • Parking lots that have a parking meter. The parking fees are very high. But parking is very rare - but not on the beach. Recommendation for avid beach visitors: Buy an annual park pass for $ 50 and you have no more parking problems. Where? Here: CITY HALL (in the lobby by the porter), 735 8th Street South.
    Keep in mind that a ticket for wrong parking or an expired parking meter can cost more than $ 50. On the beach is checked several times daily.
  • Parking spaces reserved for a specific street number.
  • Other places that the "common sense" forbids.

  PARKING with a Handicap sticker.
  Everywhere free and privileged parking, if you are disabled. How do I get a Handicapped parking sticker?

If you are a "handicapped" person in the US, you have some advantages - especially when parking.
How do you get a Handicap sticker?
The disabled citizen can have his forein handicap ID circumscribed. He has to perform his own audition and present the documents or certificates. This will done in the "Government Building" in the motor vehicle department. This is at the corner Airport Pulling Road and US 41 in Naples. There you get the sticker for the car by paying a fee of $ 10.

If you are in possession of an American "HANDICAPED" sign (for the car) You can park in any parking lot marked with the "Wheelchair" sign. According to the issuing office you can also park for free at each parking meter. The handicap sign is only issued to Foreigners for 3 months. So it has to be made sure that the sticker is visible (for example, on the inside mirror) And that the sticker is still valid. It is also allowed for free parking at the parking meters on the beach. We can not, of course, accept liability for the aforementioned information. You should ask directly at the office that issued the sticker.

Status: JAN 2017