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  How to come in the GATED COMMUNITY "Falling Waters" and Pool area?
  A GATED COMMUNITY is a community which is protected by a gate and a doorman. Normally it is not necessary in Naples to have it. In Old-Naples there are hundred of Multi-Million-Houses without a fent or gated. But Falling Waters is gated.
  • Copy some information from the rental contract on a small piece of paper and keep it in your wallet:
    1. Your first and family name
    2. GOING TO:
    3. Name of the condo owner (above your name in rental contract)
    4. four-digit number of the house (above your name in rental contract)
    5. Name of the street (above your name in rental contract)
    6. Condo unit number (1 thru 18) (above your name in rental contract)
    7. Town and ZIP Code (above your name in rental contract)
    8. Phone number of the condo (above your name in rental contract)
    This small piece of paper is also usefull when you enter the U.S.A. to fill out the immigration forms.

  • Assumed you would come after 10 p.m. on the day of your arrival no doorman would be there at the main gate. Thirty feet in front of the main gate there is a small terminal.
    Hit the KEY-Button.
    Enter the Main Gate Code.
    The main gate will open automatically.
    The Main Gate Code will be issued monthly. In case you will come late, please request it from MEMBERS CENTER of Falling Waters, Phone: (239) 963-8660, Business hours MO-FR from 10 to 1.
    For you as a tenant it is very hard to call for the main gate code on time. That is why we have been practicing it for years, that we ask for the Main Gate Code and send it by e-mail to the involved tenants. In the last few months (Status July 2017), it has already happened twice that the Members Center has issued incorrect main gate codes, with the result that tenants were standing in front of the gate and did not come in by car. Since we have no influence on the manpower in the Members Center, we can not accept liability as NAPLESGOLF. But what is practical to do when the case reappears:
    • You can try to call the caretaker of the rented apartment. This only works if he is not asleep yet. And when you reach him, he can match the main gate code with you and you'll find out that the code matches, but still does not work. The caretaker, who lives outside FALLING WATERS, has the same the monthly valid Main Gate Code as you got from us.
    • You can try to find the contact that opens the exit gate, then enter with your car thru the exit gate. We have tried it, but it is not possible because it is a ground contact, which is triggered by a weight like a car.
    • You can try to find a hotel. This costs you 60 minutes search time and in the morning 30 minutes to come back to FALLING WATERS - quite apart from the actual costs for the hotel.
    • You can wait until a 'night owl' with a bar code comes and let you in. Someone who drives out could help you too. This is particularly risky in the period from April to December, because waiting can take a very long time.
    • You can park your car so that it DOES NOT hamper any entry or exit. And then walk to your apartment. The walk with the most necessary luggage may cost you a maximum of 15 minutes and some sweat, but you are then at the destination and have no additional costs for a hotel.
    Register at the doorman next morning (read next step).

  • Check-in at the doorman as soon as possible. Show him your prepared small piece of paper. If your name isn't registered, check all (different) names of your party. From the doorman you'll get a sticker with a BAR-CODE for your car. Both are valid for you rental period. The BAR-CODE at the right side window will be scanned 50 feet in front of the gate. The main gate opens then automatically.
    Furthermore you will get a PROXIMITY-CARD from the doorman. With this card you have access to the pool and tennis court. We don't know why it is necessary to make the pool "gated" in an already Gated Community, )*
    The money for the BAR-CODE ($ 20.00) and the PROXIMITY-CARD ($ 15.00) is included in the registration fee you already paid.
    If you want to have a second PROXIMITY-CARD ($ 15,00) please go to MEMBERS CENTER and buy one. A second PROXIMITY-CARD makes sense if your family goes in two independent groups to the pool. )**
    If you want to have a second BAR-CODE ($ 20,00) please go to MEMBERS CENTER and buy one. A second BAR-CODE makes sense if your family has two cars. The MEMBERS CENTER is located next to the tennis courts. Open MO til FR from 10 to 1.

  • In case visitors are going to come to you - give them the same information on the small piece of paper described above. They should enter Falling Waters without any problems before 10 p.m.

  • And don't forget: It is not easy to find your condo in the darkness. Print out the map of Falling Waters and mark the location of your condo. Also a small flash light could be usefull.

  • Where is the door key? How to get into the rental unit?
    Click HERE.

  • All persons staying overnight must be registered by name. The Owner's caretaker registered you about six weeks before arrival. Therefore, it is important that these guests are registered ON TIME.

You wouldn't believe it, but it makes sense to make the pool gated inside of a gated community. I was requested from people from COUNTRY SIDE to give them a pool key of Falling Waters.

At the end of your stay you can get back a refund check of 5 dollars for your PROXIMITY-CARD. Go to the main gate. Cash refund isn't possible. But it is recommended to leave the PROXIMITY-CARD in the condo. The cleaning girl would be thankful for the 5 dollar tip.

Status: OCT 2018
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