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  How is the procedure to rent an accommodation?
  Don't be scared about the plenty of steps. The real "small print" is written in the contract, which can differ from owner to owner.
  1. You select a condo or villa (ID-Number) and click on the menu bar on the small letter icon to send us a FREE Inquiry - please mention whether you are flexible or not regarding start and/or end of the rental period. If you want we are going to reserve the accommodation for FREE for three days.
  2. We inform you by e-mail about the actual rental fee and about the availability. That can also be done by phone.
  3. You can order your flights HERE or at your travel agent. You inform us by e-mail that you want to rent the accommodation (ID-Number). Refer your Name, Address, and Phone Number.
  4. You will get by e-mail the rental contract. (A sample you can see HERE but they may differ from owner to owner.
  5. If you agree with the contract, you sign it and fax it to the US fax number you'll find on our site CONTACT. You also can scan it and send it by e-mail. We'll confirm the incoming contract.
  6. At the same time you should pay the down payment (10% to 30% depending by owner). You can pay by different ways of payment:
    • US Dollar check
    • Credit Card (look at our site "Free Service"
    • PayPal
    Please inform us by e-mail what you have choosen.
  7. You will get the countersigned contract when we've received the down payment. Then the rental contract is confirmed.
  8. Please pay the deposit 6 weeks prior to begin of the rental period ($100 up to $300 depending by owner). You will get it back in full if there are no damages and other no complaints. We'll confirm the incoming payment.
  9. Please pay the balance in full 6 weeks prior to begin of the rental period (plus registration and final cleaning fee). Some owners want the balance in full at the begin of the rental period. We'll confirm the incoming payment.
  10. Enjoy your vacation. The owner's representative in NAPLES will take care of you if you give her a call.
  11. Sorry, each vacation will have an end. If you lived in a Gated Community think at the beeper. Leave it in the accommodation. This is important.
  12. In a luxurious condo or villa like we offer you'll enjoy your vacation 10 times more than in a hotel room. We know you'll love our accommodations.
Status: August 2005