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  Why are the accommodations so expensive at the beaches?
  • Condominiums, apartments and villas directly at the beaches are very expensive, because the property (per square feet) costs a lot of money. Every 100 feet away from the beaches the rental fee is getting cheaper and cheaper.
  • If you rent directly at the beach you have to "take" the beach there. Even if you don't like it you have to accept it. For example: The author don't like the beach at Naples' biggest hotel. But other people like it there and so it is always overcrowded.
  • If you live 3300 feet away from the beach, do you want to go without a car to the beach? Even if I'm 1000 feet away I wouldn't walk.
  • And if you go by car to the beach it doesn't matter how far it is. Driving 2 minutes or 15 minutes - what shalls? From all our accommodations you can reach the beaches in 15 minutes.
  • To own a (rented) car is a MUST in Naples. You can pick the best beaches you want. By car you can reach it all. You are more independent.
Status: November 2006