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  What does it mean: "NEAR TO BEACH"?
  • "NEAR TO BEACH" can be a very 'flexible' expression. Sometimes it can mean 3300 feet away or more. To be on the safe side ask the landlord about the distance to the beach.
  • The term 'DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH' we understood that on the walk to the beach no road must be crossed.
  • By car you can pick the best beaches you want. Some like a snack bar, some like a shower and a restroom nearby. That's what you'll find at LOWDER MILK BEACH. Some people enjoy a "pure nature" beach like CLAM PASS or TIGER TAIL with sand like puder sugar. Or some people prefer the beaches at NAPLES PIER - where the juveniles meet each other.
    Once again: By car you can reach it all. You are more independent.
  • We have rental units 'directly on the beach' or 'near to beach' currently only in MARCO ISLAND. See here:
    • 00180 MARCO ISLAND - 17th floor - Apartment (sleeps 4). Directly on the beach!!! FREE Internet.
  • In NAPLES we recommend the following hotels:

More information here: or by e-mail with the subject line NaplesGolf.
That's what we offer: Rental of apartments and cottages directly by private owners in and around NAPLES, Florida
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