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  To play in a Golf Community or to play as a "Freelance Golfer"?
  If you are only one month in NAPLES we would recommend being an "Freelance Golfer". That means playing golf without the strong ties to a Golf Community is better. We have friends renting always one month in NAPLES HERITAGE, but they prefer to play as "Freelance Golfer" because the transfer fee for the temporary golf membership and the (reduced) cart fee is to expensive.
An other problem is: In the peak season in some private golf communities it is so crowded that members can only play two times in a week. And the Pro Shop assigns tee times to you, you have to accept.
Every Sunday and Wednesday the "Freelance Golfer" buys the NAPLES DAILY NEWS and looks for green fee offers in the Sports Section. And there are roughly 20 golf courses in NAPLES open to the public. By the way: Playing different golf course makes more fun than always playing the same one.

Golf course in Naples open to the public year around. Two excelent courses!

In FEBRUARY 2013 was this excellent Golf Course a bargain: EAGLE LAKES. For 18 holes we paid $59 (Electro Cart included). And as you know: the month of February is the most expensive (Golf-) month of the entire year!

Status: FEB 2013