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  Why is the offered rental fee higher than the list price?
Or why it is impossible to make you an offer?
Or what does it mean: High season in Naples?
  The list price is calculated, that the rental object is rented out to one tenant in all three months of the peak season (January, February, March). It's the owner's goal to rent out by 100% in this time of the year. It's also a habit to rent out only whole months - that means from the first day of the month until the end of the month.

If you got a higher price from us, one or more reasons will apply:
  • Your rental period doesn't fit in the above mentioned monthly pattern - it "cuts" one month or two in pieces. Sample: Your rental period is from January 16th until February 15th. The first part of January and the second half of February is hard to rent out to other tenants.
  • Your rental period is much smaller than 30 days. In many communities it is forbitten to rent out less than 30 days. In other words: If the owner rent out less than 30 days, the house must be empty for the rest of the month.
  • In your rental period are important holidays, e.g. Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving.
  • Your rental period is between January 1st and March 31st AND you rental period is much less than 90 days.
  • Short-term-rentals (1 or 2 weeks) are even possible in the peak season, but we can except your booking only 1 or 2 months ahead. Your short-term-rental must fit into a gap.
  • Peak-season-renters do their bookings 12 months ahead.

When is it 'Season' in Naples?
Rental fees are depending on 'Season' and 'Off Season'. Season in South West Florida - also called 'Peak Season' or 'High Season' - is the Winter Time from December 16th thru April 15th.
Off Season is the Summer Time from April 16th thru December 15th.

Status: July 2007