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  We want that you are not dependable of any other person to get the key and go into the rental unit.
There are THREE possibilities - what is relevant is written in the contract:

  (1) The key is placed in a LOCK-BOX. What is it?
  Some rental units - about 5% - have a "Key Box" or Lock-Box for the door key.
Next to the front door - ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERYBOBY - is a Lock-Box. You can open it - LIKE A COMBINATION LOCK - by adjusting the right code. You will find the code on top of your lease contract. The door key is inside the box. DURING DARKNESS A FLASHLIGHT COULD BE HELPFULL! When you depart please put the door key back into the box!
  • If the key box doesn't work properly, look under the door mat or check the house door. May be it's already opened up.
  • Some brands of Key Boxes you have turn them "upsite down" to punch in the code.
(2) The door key is placed under the door mat.
  95% of all units we handle it this way.
5% there is a LOCK-BOX. Look above. If there is a LOCK-BOX it is written in the SECOND LINE (on top) of your lease contract. You can't oversee it.
(3) The door is unlocked.
  This is exstremly seldom. Years ago the cleaning girls were still in a condo and the door was unlocked. The arrival renter didn't find a door key under the mat and didn't check the door. And we had trouble.

All other keys e.g. for the mail box or for the garage are inside of the rental unit. On the day of departure place the key there, where you found it on the day of arrival.

Status: JUN 2014