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  Features of version 1.03p1 of rental calendar.




Renter We display ONE month in ONE line. It is easy to overview.
Renter We display the day of arrival and the day of departure in different icons. It is easy to overview.
Renter You can overview easily the next 18 months. Months in the past will be automatically ereased.
Renter The renter and the owner can check the 'last update'. Screen versions in foreign languages are available.
Owner You can choose your object number from the range 1 to 9999999999. You can pick the number which fits to your organisation structure.
Owner The data of your calendar are stored on YOUR own server! Together with the html code of your web sites. And the program code of the calendar is also stored on YOUR server! That's very important regarding the availability of your calendar. You don't depend on foreign companies!
Owner The internet access of each object is separate. The access is password protected.
Owner The update modus is easy to handle.
Mark the arrival and the departure day - as well the days between both days.

Status: APR 2006