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  Does my foreign Cell Phone work in Naples?
  Any Dual-Band-Mobile (GSM 900/1900) or Tri-Band-Mobile (GSM 900/1800/1900) or Quad-Band-Mobile (supporting 1900 Band) work fine in the USA. May be you should ask your provider in your homeland what to do. It could be that you should apply for Roaming contract for the USA.
If you want to call a 7-digit number in NAPLES you have to dial first:
To call FRANKFURT (Germany) you have to dial


Our number 1: HOT DEAL

This is the MOST AFFORTABLE solution for an European Smartphone, what you want to use in the USA!
  Your cell phone should support the American 1900-Band. This SIM Card is an absolut perfect deal for around 20 Euro from LYCA. About 14 days before departure you have to order this LYCA SIM CARD for about 20 Euro - then you have in the USA unlimited phone calls worldwide and 5 giga data included.


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This is a VERY AFFORTABLE solution for a smartphone in NAPLES!
  My cell phone (an iPhone5) supports the American 1900-Band. This SIM Card is my favorite. I order it at: www.fonecards.de. About 14 days before departure I order this H2O SIM CARD for 21 Euros - 200 minutes included. Normally I always get a number with the same area code of NAPLES:
With this card a phone call costs me only 5 US Cents per minute - in-coming or out-going calls are the same. The SIM card works for that price in the 50 states of the USA and also International - even to Germany I only pay 5 cents per minute. The 200 minutes are good for 90 days. If the balance comes to Zero I can buy another 200 minutes for $10 at BEST BUY in NAPLES. It's really very easy to handle.


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An AFFORTABLE solution for a smartphone in NAPLES!
  My iPhone supports the american 1900-Band, so I had for two years this provider: www.cellion.de. 14 days before departure I ordered their SIM CARD for 0,00 Euro. I even got a Naples number with area code
Phone calls with this SIM Card cost me 29 Euro-Cents per minute, out-going or in-coming calls. To keep it alive I had to do 1 call in a week at minimum. Normally it never costs me more than 20 Euros in nine weeks. It's really very easy to handle.


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An AFFORTABLE solution for a smartphone!
  If you own a mobile phone or smartphone that supports the American 1900 band, you can buy a PRE-PAID SIM CARD that fits into all smartphones (iPhone 5 included). The card is valid for 1 month and costs $10. The $10 is a credit that can be used for phone calls (100 minutes). There is also a card for $25, which is valid for 3 months, and has 300 free minutes. Where can you buy the card? In any AT&T Store. One store is located in NAPLES PLAZA - Phone: 239-659-4488 - which is the shopping area on US41 in opposite of the COASTLAND MALL.


Status: DEC 2019

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