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  Can I bring my Laptops / Notebooks to Naples?
  The answer is YES.
If you need HIGH SPEED INTERNET access click HERE.
If your computer has a built-in 56k modem you have to care of...

Don't forget your power supply for your notebook.

You need a telephone cable with western plug on both ends. If you don't have one, you can buy it at OffICE DEPOT, OFFICE MAX or in one of the 1-Dollar-Shops.

Check that the owner's phone line is FREE for local calls. If YES, proceed with step 4. If NO, proceed with step 5.

You need a local Internet Provider for Naples. There are the following possibilities (a, b or c). We recommend step 4(b):
You use the same internet provider you use at home. You have to have a 7-digit dial-in number for Naples or you have to dial an 1-800-number.
or (b)
Check at where the office is. Go there and apply for the BASIC rate (Modem) and make a donation of 5 Dollar. You will get an USER NAME, PASSWORD and the dial-in number. Get the rental unit's phone number handy and ask for a check whether the call to the dial-in number is a local call. That's a MUST. Now you can create a new dial-in connection or let it do by CD-ROM from Naples Freenet.
or (c)
Before you start your trip to Naples download the software of and install it.
Proceed with step 6.

You take your internet provider with you to Naples. There are the following possibilities (a or b).
You have to have an 1-800-Number from your internet provider at home to dial-in in Naples.
or (b)
Before you start apply at and get a 1-800-Number as dial-in number, an USER NAME and a PASSWORD. It costs only 5 USD per month. After your vacation you can interrupt this service until you need it again.

Happy surfing.

Status: DEC 2007

P.S.: Reference concerning step 4(b).
Dear Mr. Peters. Your hint to go to Naples Freenet was great. We made a donation and got a first class internet connection! Nice people there. They explain everything. They gave us a CD-ROM and a user handbook. And it works fine. We enjoyed Naples Free-Net all the time. Best wishes to you.
Regards, Joachim Dieck. (OCT 2005).