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What about HIGH SPEED INTERNET (DSL) access in Naples?   
Starting JAN 1st,2010 FALLING WATERS (Davis Blvd):
FREE Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) Internet access
in FALLING WATERS Club house and on Pool deck!
  If you bring your LAPTOP / NOTEBOOK with you, you'll find a lot of HOT SPOTS in Naples. Especially the big auto dealers (e.g. VOLVO) have access in their waiting rooms.
But in any Starbucks restaurant you can go online (wireless). We tried it by ourselves at Starbucks in FIFTH AVENUE SOUTH, in oposite of the theater.
But if you want to have Internet access in your rented unit with no hassle, then you have to take care of...

Ask the caretaker of your rental unit whether there is a DSL (high speed internet) access or not.
If NOT go ahead with step 2.
If YES ask what kind of DSL access.
(a) Connected by wire, then you need an Ethernet cable, what you can buy at Radio Shack. Check that your computer has a network plug. END.
(b) Connected wireless (WLAN) and router. Check that your computer is able to work wireless. END.

Buy your own VERIZON hot spot at Best Buy in the Coastland Mall. It costs $50. You can keep it for your next stay in NAPLES.
Buy a PRE PAID data volume card (3 Tera) for about $60. That's good for 1 month e-mail access.

Happy Surfing.

Status: NOV 2015